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Achrome pictures
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Corpi dŽaria
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Piero Manzoni (1933-1963)

Piero Manzoni with Merda d'artiste, 1962. Photo: Ole Bagger 



Piero Manzoni enjoys reputation as a leading exponent of a number of main currents in the 60s avant-garde art. His production was great and very versatile, and it has given him recognition as one of the formative figures of the conceptual art. He was one of the earliest providers of happenings and body art, and a key player in aesthetic strategies such as process-oriented art and the experimental material choice. With works like "Achrome", "Linee", "corpi d'aria", "Fiati d'artistes" and "Merda d'artistes", he has had a major influence on subsequent generations of artistic activity. He is regarded as a father of Arte povera, and his use of irony, farce and the paradoxical arouse resonance in art today. All in all, an impressive life's work, especially when you consider that Manzoni died when he was 29 years old.

Piero Manzoni had a close relationship with Herning. In 1960 he was -by Paul Gadegaard - introduced to the manufacturer Aage Damgaard, who at the Angli factory employed Danish and international artists to create art. Piero Manzoni visited Herning for the first time in the summer of 1960 and the second time in October 1961, both times in connection with exhibitions at the Gallery Köpcke in Copenhagen. The visits were not of longer duration, but it was in Herning, that Manzoni created some of his most notable works, including "Socle du Monde". When Manzoni came to Herning, he had already been noticed on the international art scene. He was part of a group of avant-garde artists in Milan, which also included Lucio Fontana and Enrico Castellani, and had the exhibited in many places around Europe.

  Socle du Monde . Birk Centerpark 3 . 7400 Herning