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The artists supply ideas and sketches for a work of art. The companies provide production facilities and expertise. Together they create works of art to be exhibited at one of the exhibition venues associated with Socle du Monde.

Aage Damgaard ApS

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Aage Damgaard ApS

Who are we?
It began in Herning in 1971 with a successful shirt factory and a lot of international clients with a taste for good food.
Aage Damgaard, had already in 1939 started the shirt factory Angli - with just a single seamstress. Since then the factory grew big and world famous - with 300 employees and a daily production of 3,000 shirts.
Everywhere people wore Angli-shirts, and foreign customers flowed to the middle of Jutland.

This gave Aage Damgaard and his wife Bitten an idea. They would make a restaurant, that should serve as a refined culinary offer to the shirt factory’s many buyers from abroad. And since the couple a few years before - in 1970 - had bought an old house right next to their own farm, the perfect setting was at hand.

The inspiration and driving force came partially from the couple's many trips abroad, and partly from a desire to create an alternative to the local food culture.
The concept became popular in Jutland, and a few years later the couple decided to also offer the food costumers in Copenhagen juicy steaks and good wine. At first at Aabenraa 8 in the city centre and right next to Tivoli.
In the early days no one had thought that the inn in Lund at Herning was to become a nationwide restaurant chain, but high quality and the timelessness of the concept has secured A Hereford Beefstouw continued growth and success.

Today there are made no shirts in Herning, but A Hereford Beefstouws still has its headquarters where the first steak was fried: in Lund at Herning, in the middle of Denmark and the chain consists of 13 A Hereford Beefstouws, 5 restaurant-breweries and 1 café.

Since the first steak was flipped in Lund at Herning good quality and high service has consistently been key concepts behind A Hereford Beefstouw.
And it's not just about food, wine and good service. The restaurants’ interior and artistic flavor must be of equally high quality, because it should be an experience for more than the tastebuds to eat at an A Hereford Beefstouw or in one of our Breweries.

Why participate in Socle du Monde?
From the very early years art has played a significant role in the Company Aage Damgaard ApS.

With the establishment of the shirt factories "The Black Factory" in Th. Nielsen Street in Herning, and "The Round Factory" in Birk, the fabrication and art in truly melted together.

The interior decoration of both factories was clearly marked by the Damgaard family’s great love of art. The painter Paul Gadegaard, who worked permanently as an artist for Damgaard’s for ten years, was responsible for the coloring of the buildings and the artistic interior decoration, while Carl-Henning Pedersen made a masterpiece when he decorated the Angli factory’s round interior courtyard with his 1000 m2 ceramic frieze "Fantasiens leg om livets hjul. "
After the closing of "The Round Factory" Herning Artmuseum moved into the building.

The family's love of good art was carried on in the A Hereford Beefstouw concept. At virtually every restaurant there is quality art on the walls, and every time a new restaurant is opened, there have been connected artists who have set their own personal fingerprints on the layout, color phrase and decorations.

One of the more significant artists is the now deceased Sven Dalsgaard, who made his mark on several restaurants - to the delight of many, but also to the irritation of a few. Thus when A Hereford Beefstouw in Copenhagen painted the restaurant in accordance with Sven Dalsgaard’s plan they received actual threatening letters from a few costumers who absolutely did not like Dalsgaard new, artistic color phrase. The guests, who made the threats, quickly withdrew them when they saw the amazing results, and some of them still frequent the restaurant.
Most recently, younger names like Peter Stuhr, Faeroe Tróndur Paturrson and Peter Carlsen been involved in building and developing the restaurants.

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Aage Damgaard ApS

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